Gakcoin is a deflationary token deployed or built on BNB smart chain with speedy 5-second block times and cheaper gas fees than Ethereum. Gakcoin smart contracts are open-source, security audited, permanent, and non-modifiable in any way.


Our mission

Gakcoin tokens are strictly utility tokens in all jurisdictions and are not and cannot be considered to be a “security” or otherwise regulated token of any kind. Gakcoin is not in any way e-money and/or fiat money, or an asset-backed stablecoin, whether global or limited in scope.

Our mission is to revolutionize the traditional world of banking and gaming into a completely decentralized experience that gives users a direct ownership in an ecosystem that is completely transparent and tamper-proof through our Gakcoin smart contracts platform With a secure and limitless immersive experience.

About Gakcoin

Gakcoin has three main features that make it a fully utility token i.e. Auto-burn mechanism, Banking and Gaming.

  • Auto-Burn Mechanism

    The Gakcoin team has deployed a mechanism that automatically burns fee from every transaction, which aim to reduce circulation supply, leading to appreciation in value and removal of extras from the market. This is why Gakcoin was born: to make a currency that is easy to use, but also tough enough to survive in today's world.
  • Banking

    Transparent, efficient, decentralization and reliable crypto banking service to delegate with no risk. low fee with high returns. Where Gakcoin will be used as collateral to acquire loan based on agreed-upon interest, staking it for high returns and more others.
  • Gaming

    Play to Earn (P2E), Gakcoin will be a crucial role as in game assets with unique set of characters that gakcoin drive the value. Users can earn GKC token by playing on platform and use these tokens by spending them on assets such as upgrading weapons, spare parts, characters and more.

Benefits of Investing In Gakcoin Project

Gakcoin project has a beneficial impact on the crypto currency market. Here are some of the ways:

  • 01Appreciation in a GakCoin’s Value

    An increase in supply causes a drop in demand, according to the fundamental law of supply and demand. The Auto-burn mechanism aim to reduce circulation supply, increase scarcity, and raise demand. You might wonder why. It is because the items that are difficult to obtain are more appealing than those that are more easily available. Using the same logic, investors are more attracted to rare coins than the ones that are plentiful. In the long run, this will increase the value of the Gakcoin.

  • Deflationary tokens have gotten a lot of attention during the recent Bull Run. As investors collect greater earnings, this factor directly adds to their interests those who want to short their coins will profit from the entire process leading up to the coin burning. After all is said and done, the desired outcome is a value increase after burning.

  • Unsold tokens in circulation are harmful to a crypto currency's success. Instead of flooding the market, the Auto-burn mechanism assists a project in removing extra tokens from circulation. Furthermore, if tokens were distributed erroneously, it would be desirable to burn them to repair the error.


Tokenomics/Token Distribution

Gakcoin was deployed with an Automatic mechanism of burning 10% until remain of 0.1% 0f 1000000000000GKC total supply.

Liquidity 70%
Marketing 20%
Developer 10%

Road Map

We will keep updating them based on the team decision.


  • Smart contract Coding
  • Contract deployment
  • Contract PreSale creation
  • White Paper
  • log Creation
  • Sorcial Media Creation
  • Awareness
  • Creation of Website


  • Focus on marketing strategy
  • List on PancakeSwap (Trading BNB/GKC)
  • Apply for Listing On CoinGecko
  • Apply for Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • 2,000 telegram members
  • You tube marketing


  • Open Twitter Page
  • Integration to banking service
  • Integration to Debit Card
  • 100000 Holders
  • 5000 telegram members
  • 1000 twitters followers


  • List on different coin exchange
  • Gaming (P2E) Integration
  • 100000 Holders and above
  • 10000telegram members
  • 5000 Twitter members

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How to buy GKC coin on PC?